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Shopping (How to purchase)
The Cart is where you can make your purchase.   When you enlarge a small picture on the category page, further information will be displayed along with an Add to Cart link.  There you may make your purchase.
When you select an item (Add to Cart) you will see a summary of your puchase showing a thumbnail pic and options for size of print, shipping and payment.  Please make sure the selection is correct.  Make sure the thumbnail pic and picture code correlate at Step 1 of your puchase.  (You may add more than one item to the cart by using the 'continue viewing (shopping)' button).  Continue through the steps to finalise your purchase.
If you change your mind or have selected the wrong picture, you can delete the item (use the crossed cart symbol) or empty the cart and continue shopping or viewing.
here are several ways in which you may make your payment.  The PayPal option will allow you to use your credit or debit card (without having a PayPal account), as well as PayPal if you have an account.  
Please note....  Due to the different methods of payment, printing and shipping may be delayed until clearance of funds is confirmed.

Blue Mountains Dawn

Prints will be delivered in hard cardbord postal cylinders, by Australia Post
in Australia, with SoD  (Sign on Delivery) and tracking for peace of mind .  The prints will be wrapped in acid free tissue paper for additional protection.  The cylinder will be encased in a plastic wrapping for additional protection.

All prints are thoroughly inspected to check for imperfections prior to packaging and shipment.
Delivery time in Australia may be up to 7 to 14 days depending on locality.

International delivery allow 7-14 days.

Please email delivery location to calculate postage charge

International delivery cost depends on location and includes SoD (Sign on Delivery) and tracking number.

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